Upper Loddon and Avoca Landcare Network Inc.

Upper Loddon Logo

The Upper Loddon & Avoca Landcare Network Inc operates to the north and west of Ballarat, covering the Avoca, Maryborough and Clunes districts as well.

Each groups specific priorities are:

  • Avoca & District Landcare, river health, weeds, rabbits and native vegetation enhancement.
  • Amphitheatre Landcare, soil conservation, weeds and rabbits.
  • Clunes Waterways, streamside improvement.
  • Lexton Landcare, soil quality, bioversity projects, soil conservation, weeds.
  • McCallums Creek Landcare, soil erosion, weeds and rabbits
  • Moolort Landcare, soil health, wetland protection, biodiversity projects
  • Mount Bolton Beckworth Landcare, weed control, tree planting projects
  • Timor West Landcare, soil health, soil conservation, biodiversity projects
  • Ullina Landcare, weed control, trees in the landscape

Project Activity

Linkages in the Landcscape (Lexton Landcare)

Recently Lexton Landcare completed a linkages in the landscape project, developing corridors between areas of high landscape integrity.  To see more of what the project has done read the attached project overview.  PO_Linkages in the Landscape


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