Lexton Landcare: 30 Years of Work

We welcome you to the history of the Lexton Landcare Group. From its beginnings in 1988, we are now 30 years into our landscape restoration and change.


In 1999, Lexton Landcare celebrated 10 years of Landcare work. Severe gully erosion, salinity, pests, and weeds were a top priority.


In 2008 the Lexton Landcare group celebrated 20 years since their first inaugural meeting. The video documents the progress the group has made in reversing the deterioration of the Lexton landscape. A huge amount has been accomplished but there is still work to do in the 30-year plan.


How was the Lexton landscape was formed? We give a brief overview and what this means today in conserving our land.


How do we manage and look after the Lexton landscape? We must look back in time to see how the land functioned before European settlement. Re-establishing native vegetation, good pasture and rotational grazing are some of the measures we can use.