Financial Projects

The following are projects the Foundation is seeking support for.  Support can be in the form of cash to purchase the materials, or actual equipment / materials which form part of each project.

Tree Planting Trailer

Tandem trailer with storage capacity for 2,000 tubestock, 1,000 litres of water, tree gaurds and planting tools.  Estimated cost $7,500

Project Fencing Trailer

Tandem trailer with storage for 1,000 metres of fencing materials, plus all the key tools, wire spinners, fence straining and post driving / digging equipment.  Especially for small landholders to utilise in Landcare project work.  Estimated cost $9,000

Trailer as above with phneumatic post driving equipment included. Estimated cost $12,000

Landscape Education Kit(s)

Primary School oriented kit of materials that demonstrate the formation of the different landscape features of the area, how the land behaves in response to different land management actions and how land degradation processes like salinity and soil erosion occur.  Estimated cost $1,400 each.