Threatened Species

Within our bioregions, there are in the order of 12% of plant and animal species who have some level of conservation status.

The Victorian Volcanic Plain is particularly affected due to its long history of agricultural use, and this flows through to significant landscape features like swamps, wetlands and other waterbodies.

Whilst their are still significant areas of Goldfields vegetation remaining, the poorer habitat values of this landscape mean larger home ranges for species which are affected by fragmentation and the loss in particular of the understory strata of vegetation.

For both bioregions the focus of Landcare is on threat control (in particular introduced predators), the enhancement of natural vegetation values through returning strata that are missing, creating vegetation linkages and protecting highly valued sites.

The following is a listing of the threatened fauna species of the area.

Threatened fauna

Threatened Species Profiles

A list of threatened flora species will be added to the site shortly.

For further information on individual species we encourage people to use the DEPI Atlas of Victorian Wildlife, or materials published by the SWIFFT (State Wide Integrated Flora & Fauna Team) Network within south west Victoria, at