A Walk back in time to Winter Swamp

As part of Springfest activities, the Cardigan Landcare Group organised a walk back in time through the series of wetlands from Lake Wendouree to Winter Swamp to explain how they operate, interact and support the local ecology. 

22 people enjoyed some brisk Ballarat weather for a walk through what was the old Ballarat Common to visit the various wetlands.

For more information read here.  PO_a walk back in time

Pattersons Curse Alert

Pattersons Curse has began flowering across the area.  Its distinctive purple flowers are now visible on roadsides and in paddocks.

Quick action is encouraged to minimise the seeding of this weed and to maximise its ongoing control.  Control by pulling plants, or in larger infestations spraying, is desirable over the next month.

Key areas to be aware of the plant include Burnbank, Glenbrae, Miners Rest and Stoneleigh.

Pattersons Curse at flowering