Mullawallah Wetlands Tour

An excellent turnout was seen at last nights ‘Walk and Talk’ at the Mullahwallah Wetlands, Hosted by the Cardigan-Windermere group and UMEC Landcare Network. The group was guided by Rodger Thomas, a local expert on the wetlands. As Rodger explained this wetland was a significant resource for the aboriginal people who used the wetland to collect valuable food and materials. The Wetland is also home to many birds species, some of which are inter-continental breeders and highly endangered.

We later ventured down the walking track, which is maintained by the C-W landcare group. it was great to see the newly installed information signs as well as seeing the successful work in rehabilitating the edge of the wetland with  native grasses.

Thanks to all those who came along!


New Interpretative Signs for Mullawallah Wetlands

New interpretative signs for Mullawallah Wetlands have been installed by the Cardigan-Windermere Landcare Group along the walking track that surrounds the wetland. A fantastic effort by the group, just in time for the Christmas holidays.

The Track can be accessed via Lucas Lane, there is also access off Ibis Gardens Court and Blind Creek Road. Check it out!