Guest Speaker: Vermicomposting with Davo’s Worm Farms

Davos Worm Farms_3

The Invermay Landcare Group will be hosting David from ‘Davo’s Worm Farms’ to talk all things vermicomposting (Composting with worms). David has been involved with commercial vermicomposting for over 10 years, his philosophy is a no waste approach. Turning what would be a waste product into a useable and sustainable resource.

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We invite anyone interested to come along.

A BBQ will be provided at 7pm the presentation will follow   from 7.30 – 8.15 pm.

The UMEC Landcare Network general meeting will run after this.

Contact Joel to RSVP or more information.

Email: or Mob: 0457 008 895


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Mullawallah Wetlands Tour

An excellent turnout was seen at last nights ‘Walk and Talk’ at the Mullahwallah Wetlands, Hosted by the Cardigan-Windermere group and UMEC Landcare Network. The group was guided by Rodger Thomas, a local expert on the wetlands. As Rodger explained this wetland was a significant resource for the aboriginal people who used the wetland to collect valuable food and materials. The Wetland is also home to many birds species, some of which are inter-continental breeders and highly endangered.

We later ventured down the walking track, which is maintained by the C-W landcare group. it was great to see the newly installed information signs as well as seeing the successful work in rehabilitating the edge of the wetland with  native grasses.

Thanks to all those who came along!


Climate/seasonal outlook for November 2017 to January 2018

Summary for the Ballarat region and surrounds:

-There is no shift towards it being wetter or drier than usual from November to January (Between 100-150mm is forecast over the next 3 months)

– 50% chance of it being wetter than average, however it is most likely to be drier than usual over these coming months

– Streamflows are forecast to be median to lower than average

– Temperatures are likely to be higher than average



Resourced from: Bureau of Meteorology, 2017. For further information visit